What should I do if the earbud does not reconnect to a device after opening the lid of the charging case?

1. If Ear (2) has connected to multiple devices. After opening the charging case lid, Ear (2) will automatically connect to the most recently connected device.
2. If Ear (2) cannot find the most recently connected device one minute after the earbud has been taken out from the case, please place the earbuds into the case and after 5 seconds with it closed, open the case. Then try to connect again.
3. Place the earbuds into the charging case, open the case, then hold the button for 10 seconds to reset. Then try the connection again.
4. If the above steps cannot solve the issue, please make sure the Nothing X App* is up to date
*Available for download on Google Play and iOS App Store. All device customisations are already integrated into the settings of Nothing OS devices, version 1.1.4 and higher.