How do I switch from an iPhone to a Nothing phone?

Step 1: Get ready to set up your new Nothing phone

Make sure you have the following items:

- Your fully charged iPhone on the latest software and its charging cable
- Your new, fully charged Nothing phone
- Good WiFi connection

We recommend you use a Google Account. Otherwise, you can’t download apps and some content won't copy to your new device.

Step 2: Prepare your iPhone

Turn off iMessage and Facetime on your iPhone.

While your SIM card is still in your iPhone, go to Settings> Messages> Turn Off iMessage.
Do the same for FaceTime and go to Settings> FaceTime> Turn Off FaceTime.
If you have other Apple devices, deregister your phone number from them. You can continue using iMessage, but make sure your phone number deregistered on those devices.

If you've already removed your SIM card, contact Apple to deregister your phone number with iMessage.

Step 3: Insert your SIM card to your Nothing phone and connect to WiFi

Now you're ready to set up your new phone. Turn on your Nothing phone, and tap → in the setup wizard. You can set your preferred language here.

If you have a SIM card, insert it now. Then connect to WiFi or a mobile network. If not, the data won’t copy from your old device to your new one.

Step 4: Connect the phones

When you see, Copy Apps and Data, tap Next.

Turn on and unlock your iPhone. Get the iPhone cable you use to charge your phone.

Plug the smaller end of the cable into your iPhone, and the larger end into into your Nothing phone.

On your iPhone, confirm you're happy to connect.

On your Nothing Phone, enter your Google Account password, and tap Sign in.

When you copy data using a cable, your texts, photos, contacts, most apps, and music will transfer.

Step 5: Copy your data
If you don’t want to transfer specific data, uncheck the box next to it. When you’re ready, tap Copy.

Once your data is copied to your new Nothing phone, tap Finished. You can download any apps that haven't been transferred via the Google Play Store.

Depending on how much data your phone has, the transfer could take anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour.