What do I do if battery drops quickly, and how do I check the details of power consumption?

Please follow the below steps:
1. Fast power consumption in a low temperature environment:
At low temperature, the activity of lithium battery deteriorates, resulting in increased power consumption. This is a normal occurance. When the mobile phone returns to normal room temperature, it will return to normal.
2. Fast power consumption with 5G network:
When the mobile phone uses the 5G network, the 4G network is turned on simultaneously, so the power consumption will increase compared to using the 4G network alone. You can turn it on or off according to your needs. (Path:Settings>Network & internet>SIMs>Preferred network type.
3. Fast power consumption after upgrade:
After the mobile phone is upgraded, due to system integration and optimisation, it will increase some power consumption. It is recommended that you restart the phone after the screen is off and charge for one night after the upgrade. Or it will recover by itself after 2-3 days of normal use.
4. Check the power consumption details of the phone:
You can go to "Settings>Battery>Battery Usage" on your phone to check the power consumption details of corresponding programs.