How do I pair my Ear (1)?

To pair Ear (1) with most typical Bluetooth devices:
1) Ensure that your chosen device has Bluetooth on, and is within 10 meters (33 feet) of Ear (1).
2) While Ear (1) is charging in the case, long press the case button for 2 seconds.
3) Search for Ear (1) in your device's Bluetooth menu, and connect.
You can also use the Nothing X app for guided connections.
On iOS devices, you will see two options on the Bluetooth device list related to Ear (1): "Nothing Ear (1)" and "Nothing X app". Please connect to "Nothing Ear (1)" for all core earbud functions (i.e. audio, microphone, ANC).
The "Nothing X app" option is only for customising your earbuds (e.g. EQ and gesture control settings) and must be used in conjunction with the Nothing X app.