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  • Where do I download the Nothing App?

    You can access the Nothing App from Google Play on your Android device running Android 5.1 and above, or from the App Store on your iOS device running iOS 11 and above.

    You can also scan the QR code from the manual to download the App.

  • Where can I find the serial number of my ear (1)?

    The ear (1) serial number can be found on the box just below the bar code or engraved on the metallic closure of the case lid.

  • Where can I find the product manual?

    The ear (1) manual is provided in the box.
    You can also find a digital version at this link and browse these FAQs to find additional product information.

  • How does the ear (1) Warranty work?

    All Nothing products come with a 2-year Limited Warranty. Please refer to the Safety Information & Warranty Card provided with ear (1).
    You may also find Warranty information at this link.

  • How should I clean ear (1)?

    Clean the ear (1) earbuds using a soft, dry, lint-free cloth, dry cotton swab or baby wipes.
    Do not use sharp objects or abrasive materials.

  • Does ear (1) use power when not in use?

    ear (1) has a built-in timeout feature, which automatically turns the earbuds off when not in use.

  • Should I worry about leaving ear (1) connected to the charging source for longer than is required?

    No. ear (1) uses lithium-ion batteries with a built-in feature to stop your charging case from consuming power once the battery is fully charged. This means that even if your charging case is fully charged and connected to a power source, no extra power will be consumed.

  • How can I check the battery level?

    You can also check the battery level of the case or individual earbuds by using the Nothing App. To check the battery level in the app, ensure the app is active and the case is open.

    - Green indicates 30%+ battery level.
    - Amber indicates 10 - 30% battery level.
    - Red indicates your charge is very low, and should be connected to a charger.

  • How do I charge ear (1)?

    To charge the ear (1) earbuds, place the them in the charging case and close the lid securely.

    To charge the ear (1) case, connect a USB-C cable to the case and power source. You can also use a Qi-compatible wireless charger.

  • How do I control the volume of ear (1)?

    To control volume, slide your finger up (increase volume) or down (decrease volume) on the stem of the ear (1) earbuds.

  • How can I customise the EQ?

    ear (1) comes with 4 EQ presets:
    - Balanced
    - More Bass
    - More Treble
    - Voice

    Change the EQ in the Nothing App via the "Hear" tab whenever ear (1) is connected.

  • Can I use just one of my earbuds?

    Yes. When using both earbuds, simply place one earbud back into the charging case. Alternatively, remove one earbud from the case and use it independently.

  • How can I reset ear (1)?

    To reset ear (1), place the earbuds into the case, close the lid and press the case button for 30 seconds.

  • How do I mute the microphone during a call?

    ear (1) has no mute button. Mute calls via the software in use on your chosen device.

  • How do I answer, reject and close a call with ear (1)?

    You can control calls using either of your earbuds:

    To answer a phone call: double tap the earbud.
    To reject a phone call: press and hold the stem.
    To hang-up a phone call: double tap the earbud.

  • What types of devices can I pair to ear (1)?

    ear (1) is compatible with most Bluetooth devices, and anything running Android 5.0+ or iOS 11+ (check your device settings for system software information).

  • How do I pair my ear (1)?

    To pair ear (1) with most typical Bluetooth devices:
    1) Ensure that your chosen device has Bluetooth on, and is within 10 meters (33 feet) of ear (1).
    2) While ear (1) is charging in the case, long press the case button for 2 seconds.
    3) Search for ear (1) in your device's Bluetooth menu, and connect.
    You can also use the Nothing App for guided connections.

    On iOS devices, you will see two options on the Bluetooth device list related to ear (1): "Nothing ear (1)" and "ear (1) App". Please connect to "Nothing ear (1)" for all core earbud functions (i.e. audio, microphone, ANC).
    The "ear (1) App" option is only for customising your earbuds (e.g. EQ and gesture control settings) and must be used in conjunction with the Nothing App.