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  • How do I enable battery saver on Phone (2)?

    Swipe down twice from the top of the screen to access the expanded Quick Settings. Press the pencil icon, drag the Battery Saver tile up from the hidden tiles, and toggle it on.

    You'll also receive a prompt you to turn on battery saver when the battery of your phone goes below 15%.

  • How do I turn the camera recording light on and off?

    Select Camera> More in the upper right corner and tap More Settings> Recording light to turn it on and off.

  • How do I activate Find My Device on Phone (2) ?

    Find My Device will be automatically activated after you log into a Google account. However, the location can only be accessible if location services are toggled on. For more information, go to Settings> Google> Find My Device.

  • How do I upgrade the software system online?

    Go to Settings> System> System Update.

    If there is a new version, we recommend you download the latest Nothing OS software version using WiFi. Don't press the power button or perform any actions during the upgrade process, and wait for the update to be completed.

    If there is no new version, it means your phone has the latest version.

  • How do I use the Hotspot feature?

    Go to Settings> Network & Internet> Hotspot and Tethering> WiFi Hotspot.

    When you use your Hotspot, your phone consumes a lot of energy, resulting in power-consumption and heat problems. This is normal but use mindfully.

  • How do I maintain Phone (2)?

    Physical appearance:
    1. Use a protective case, leather case, film, etc. to protect your phone.
    2. Don't use excessive force on your phone and avoid bumping it with sharp or hard objects.
    3. Ensure your phone doesn't get squeezed in tight pockets.
    4. Pay attention to the use environment: don't keep your phone close to impurities, iron powder, and dust particles; don't let it come in contact with liquids and moisture; don't place it in cold environments or close to air conditioners.

    1. We recommend charging your phone when it's on low battery. You don't need to recharge the battery every time. When charging your phone, use a safe and compliant charger and data cable to charge, and use the original battery.
    2. We don't recommend to ROOT the firmware or OS on the phone.
    3. Avoid using your phone while charging.
    4. Don't use your phone for too long in the heat.