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  • How do I charge Nothing Ear?

    Earbuds: Put the buds in the charging case and close the case to charge.
    Charing case with earbuds: Put the buds in the charging case and close the case, connect the case to a power supply through the power cable delivered with the buds.
    If the indicator lamp of the case is flashing white, the case is charging. If it is permanently white, the case is fully charged.
    Nothing Ear also supports wireless charging. You can charge the charging case through a wireless charger. When charging, please place the charging case face up. Any phone that supports wireless reverse charging can be used to charge Nothing Ear on-the-go.

  • Does Nothing Ear support LE Audio?

    No, Nothing Ear does not support this feature.

  • What audio formats does Nothing Ear support?

    Nothing Ear supports LHDC, LDAC, AAC and SBC.

  • Does Nothing Ear support Microsoft Swift Pair?

    Yes, Nothing Ear supports this feature.

  • Does Nothing Ear support Google Fast Pair?

    Yes, Nothing Ear supports this feature.

  • Which devices are compatible with Nothing Ear?

    Android 5.1 and above
    iOS 13 and above

  • What is ENC?

    ENC stands for Environmental Noise Cancellation. It's specially tuned to remove unwanted background noise when you use the microphone for calls. ENC ensures others won't hear your background noise when you're speaking.

  • How many equaliser settings does Nothing Ear have?

    Nothing Ear aims to provide a tailored, high-quality listening experience for music enthusiasts. There are four sound effects: BALANCED, MORE BASS, MORE TREBLE, and VOICE. It also allows users to set custom effects based on their preferences. Explore additional options in the Nothing X app.

  • Which Bluetooth version does Nothing Ear use?

    Bluetooth 5.3.

  • How long do the earbuds take to automatically power off when inactive?

    The earbuds will automatically power off after 60 minutes of inactivity when not connected and not worn (the duration may vary between different products). To restore functionality, place the earbuds back into the charging case. If the earbuds are fully charged and left unused, they will enter a timeout shutdown mode after 2 minutes.

  • Does Nothing Ear support custom EQ settings?

    Yes, Nothing Ear supports this feature.

  • Will the earbuds charge properly when the charging case is in low-battery status?

    The earbuds will charge until the charging case falls below 5% battery. However, when the charging case has nearly depleted, the indicator LED will not display, and the charging case button will be unresponsive. In such cases, please recharge the charging case promptly.

  • How many devices can Nothing Ear be paired with?

    Nothing Ear can store records for up to 8 devices at maximum capacity.

  • What is Nothing Ear made of?

    The construction features a plastic housing, silicone ear tips and a stainless steel hinge. The plastic shell is crafted from high-quality materials, providing lasting resistance to UV exposure and excellent impact resistance.

  • Can I use just a single earbud?

    After successfully pairing Nothing Ear with the device, you can use a single earbud. Please note, the initial pairing cannot be done with only one earbud.

  • What does the colour of the charging case indicator mean?

    Charging: flashes white
    Fully charged: steady white
    Pairing: flashes white
    Battery status:
    Extreme low: no light
    Battery< 30%: red for 3 seconds
    Battery>=30%: white for 3 seconds
    Reset: flashes red three times

  • What is Personal Sound Profile?

    The Personal Sound Profile involves taking an audio test on the Nothing X app. It then creates a dynamic listening experience based on your unique hearing, ensuring your music remains crystal clear.

  • What is "Adaptive" in Noise Control?

    Adaptive Mode monitors the noisiness of your environment and adjusts the noise cancellation accordingly, for the optimum audio experience.

  • What is Bass Enhance?

    The algorithm dynamically detects low-frequency signals in music, enhancing the impression of low frequencies in real-time to deliver a more powerful and dynamic bass experience.

    Users can also adjust the low-frequency intensity based on their listening preferences in the Nothing X app, defining their own high-definition bass experience. Additional options available in the Nothing X app.

  • What is Smart ANC?

    The Smart ANC algorithm can automatically detect the level of external noise leakage whenever the earbuds are placed in the ears with ANC Mode on. This is influenced by ear-insertion behaviour during wear. Following the completion of the detection, the earbuds generate noise reduction parameters tailored to optimise the current noise-canceling effect, providing users with the optimum noise-canceling experience. This process runs automatically without user intervention, adapting to usage conditions.

  • Does Nothing Ear support ANC?

    Yes, Nothing Ear has Active Noise Cancellation feature, reaching up to 45 dB.

  • Is Nothing Ear water/dust resistant?

    Nothing Ear earbuds are rated IP54 for water and dust resistance, under IEC standard 60529.
    The water- and dust-proof performance is not permanent, and protection may decrease due to wear over time.
    We do not recommend wearing the earbuds when showering, taking a bath, or swimming. If your earbuds come into contact with any liquids, such as rain or sweat, use a dry, lint-free cloth to wipe them clean.
    Please do not use the earbuds or place them back in the charging case until they are completely dry.
    Note: Damage to the device caused by immersion in liquid is not covered by the warranty.

  • Does Nothing Ear support Dual Connection?

    Yes, it supports the Dual Connection feature.
    *After the device connections have been established, you can select or switch devices in the "Dual Connection" settings via the Nothing X App.

  • What is the battery capacity of Nothing Ear?

    Each earbud has a 46 mAh battery and the case has a 500 mAh battery.

  • Does Nothing Ear support wireless charging?

    Yes, it supports wireless charging.

  • Does Nothing Ear support fast charging?

    Yes, Nothing Ear supports fast charging. After 10 minutes of charging, the earbuds can be used continuously for up to 2.6 hours with ANC OFF earbuds only (10 hours earbuds + case), or 1.5 hours with ANC ON earbuds only (5 hours earbuds + case).

    The battery life data was tested in Nothing laboratories at a temperature of 25℃ with the earbuds and charging case fully charged, AAC music playback at 50% volume, and with other features at default settings. The actual result may differ based on device settings, environment, usage and other factors.

  • What is the battery life of Nothing Ear?

    ANC OFF: 8.5 hours buds only, 40.5 hours buds + case
    ANC ON/Transparency Mode: 5.2 hrs buds only, 24 hrs buds + case

    ANC OFF: 5 hours buds only, 23 hours buds + case
    ANC ON/Transparency Mode: 4 hours buds only, 18 hours buds + case

    The battery life data was tested in Nothing laboratories at a temperature of 25℃ with the earbuds and charging case fully charged, AAC music playback at 50% volume, and with other features at default settings. The actual result may differ based on device settings, environment, usage and other factors.