How do I turn on the call recording function?

To record your phone calls:

Please ensure you're in a country or region where call recording is available.
1. Start a recording from a call
Important: The first time you record a call, you’ll need to agree to local laws related to this. In many jurisdictions, permission by both speakers is required.
To protect the privacy of all users, both parties will be notified that the call is being recorded. When you stop recording, both parties will be notified that the call is no longer being recorded.
- Open the Dialer app.
- Make or receive a call.
- To record your call, on the ongoing call screen, tap Record.
- To stop recording, tap Stop recording.

2. Find a recorded call
To keep your recordings private, they’re stored on your device. Calls won't be saved or backed up off-device.
To find your recording:
- Open the Dialer app.
- Tap Recents.
- Tap on the caller you recorded.
If you recorded the most recent call, go to the player in the Recents screen.
If you recorded a previous call, tap History. Then select the recording from the list of calls.
- Tap Play.
- To share a recorded call, tap Share.

Tip: You can share recorded calls to supported apps, such as email or messaging apps.