My phone is unresponsive when charging. What can I do?

You can charge your phone by:
1. Using the charger: please use the Nothing cable and charger to connect the phone to a power outlet for charging.
2. Using the USB port: connect the phone to the computer or other device via a USB cable.

Ensure you know what the battery and charging icons mean so you can tell the current battery status by the battery icon on the status bar and the lightning bolt icon next to the battery.
Note: After the battery percentage is turned on, the battery icon will display it (Settings > Battery > Battery percentage).

If your phone fails to be charged properly when connected, try to:
1. Disconnect the charging adapter and charging cable again.
2. Restart and then charge it.
3. Monitor the temperature of your device. Charging will stop when the temperature is higher than 47°C to protect your device.

If the issue persists, contact our Customer Support for further assistance.