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Power & Charging

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  • What do I do if the phone won't turn off?

    If the phone cannot be turned off by pressing the power button and volume up key simutaniously, you can do the following:
    1. Check if the button is faulty.
    2. Check if the mobile phone is in a state of crash, or is stuck. Press and hold the power button for over 12 seconds to force restart the phone.
    4. If it is invalid, please uninstall and delete the recently downloaded software.
    5. We recommend you back up the data and restore the phone to factory settings.
    If the issue persists, contact the Nothing Support Team for further assistance.

  • What do I do if the phone is unresponsive when charging?

    You can charge your phone in the following ways:
    1. Charge the phone through the charger: please use the Nothing original data cable and charger to connect the phone to a power outlet for charging.
    2. Charge the phone through the USB interface: connect the phone to the computer or other device through the data cable. The connection method dialog box will pop up, please click Only charge.

    Learn what the battery and charging icons mean
    You can judge the current battery status by the battery icon on the phone's status bar and the lightning bolt icon next to the battery.
    Note: After the battery percentage is turned on, the battery icon will display the battery value. (setting path: Setting >Battery>Battery Percentage)

  • What do I do if battery drops quickly, and how do I check the details of power consumption?

    Please follow the below steps:
    1. Fast power consumption in a low temperature environment:
    At low temperature, the activity of lithium battery deteriorates, resulting in increased power consumption. This is a normal occurance. When the mobile phone returns to normal room temperature, it will return to normal.
    2. Fast power consumption with 5G network:
    When the mobile phone uses the 5G network, the 4G network is turned on simultaneously, so the power consumption will increase compared to using the 4G network alone. You can turn it on or off according to your needs. (Path:Settings>Network & internet>SIMs>Preferred network type.
    3. Fast power consumption after upgrade:
    After the mobile phone is upgraded, due to system integration and optimisation, it will increase some power consumption. It is recommended that you restart the phone after the screen is off and charge for one night after the upgrade. Or it will recover by itself after 2-3 days of normal use.
    4. Check the power consumption details of the phone:
    You can go to "Settings>Battery>Battery Usage" on your phone to check the power consumption details of corresponding programs.

  • What do I do if charging is slow or doesn't fully charge?

    Please follow the below steps:
    1. Please make sure you use the official Nothing adapter and charging cable. If using a different charger to charge, the software will recognise it as a non-standard charger and will limit the charging current, resulting in insufficient charging.
    2. Try to replace the adapter and data cable to see if this affects the charging.
    3. It is recommended not to use the phone while charging.
    4. Restart the phone and try charging again.
    If the issue persists, contact the Nothing Support Team for further assistance.