Nothing Phone (1)

  • What is included in the box for Phone (1)?

    The box includes:
    Nothing Phone (1)
    USB-C Cable
    Safety Information and Warranty Card
    Screen Protector (pre-applied)
    SIM Tray Ejector

  • Does Phone (1) support fingerprint unlock?

    Yes, Phone (1) supports fingerprint unlock.

  • Does Phone (1) support face unlock?

    Yes, Phone (1) supports face unlock.

  • Does phone(1) support wireless charging?

    Yes, it does.
    Wireless charging: 15W Qi standard takes 120 mins to fully charge.
    5W reverse charge. This means you can charge another wireless product like Ear (1) on the coil (on the back of the phone)

  • How long is the in-box charging cable?

    The charging cable is about 1 meter.

  • Will Phone (1) support dual SIM?

    Yes, it supports dual SIM.

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  • How to track the status of the repair?

    Please click on this link and input the required information to track the status of the repair.

    Note: Tracking the repair status are for those who applied online.

  • How to use battery share?

    1. Go to Settings>Battery>Battery Share> Allow Battery Share. Enable All Battery Share.
    2. Place the device you want to charge on the charging coil at the back of Phone (1). Charging will start automatically.

    *Battery Share supports most devices (ear buds, phones, and more)
    * Using Battery Share may deplete the phone's battery.

  • How to restore deleted photos or videos?

    Open the Photos app and navigate to Library on the bottom bar. Next, tap on "Bin" to see items deleted within the recent 60 days.

  • How to change fonts on Nothing Phone (1)?

    The font in Phone (1) cannot be changed. However, to change to font size, navigate to Settings > Display > Font Size.

  • How to enable dark theme on Nothing Phone (1)?

    Dark theme is enabled by default. To change it, swipe down to access Quick Settings and find the "Dark Theme" tile and tap it to toggle it on / off.

  • How to screen cast Nothing Phone (1) to my TV?

    - To set up the screen cast feature, swipe down from the top of the screen two times to access the expanded Quick Settings. Press the edit (pencil) icon and drag the Screen Cast tile up from the hidden tiles.
    - To begin mirroring, swipe down to open the Quick Settings and find the newly added Screen Recording tile. Tap it once and select the targeted device to cast to connected in the same local area network.

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