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  • How to track the status of the repair?

    Please click on this link and input the required information to track the status of the repair.

    Note: Tracking the repair status are for those who applied online.

  • How to use battery share?

    1. Go to Settings>Battery>Battery Share> Allow Battery Share. Enable All Battery Share.
    2. Place the device you want to charge on the charging coil at the back of Phone (1). Charging will start automatically.

    *Battery Share supports most devices (ear buds, phones, and more)
    * Using Battery Share may deplete the phone's battery.

  • How to restore deleted photos or videos?

    Open the Photos app and navigate to Library on the bottom bar. Next, tap on "Bin" to see items deleted within the recent 60 days.

  • How to use Google Assistant to activate the Glyph interface?

    Go to Settings>Glyph Interface, and enable Google Assistant. Then, the Glyph interface will light up when Google Assistant is triggered.