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  • Why can't my earphones activate the ChatGPT feature?
    1) This feature is compatible only with Nothing smartphones. Please upgrade your phone system to the latest version. 2) Please upgrade your Nothing X app to the latest version. 3) Please make sure to download, install, and log into the ChatGPT application from the Google Play Store and use the ChatGPT Voice feature at least once. 4) You need to enable and apply the ChatGPT setting through Nothing X app >> Controls >> Voice AI >> ChatGPT. Please check if you meet the above conditions. If your issue remains unresolved following these steps, please contact us again.
  • Why can't I change the music playback with press control?

    Some apps do not support these type of commands. Is so, they will not respond to the press control commands on Ear (2), resulting in an invalid gesture control. This problem is not caused by Ear (2) itself.
    If you have any further concerns, please contact Nothing Customer Serivce.

  • Why can't I use press control to adjust the volume after making it the corresponding action in the settings?

    Some phones or computers may not support the volume adjustment protocol. If you encounter this problem, please connect Ear (2) with a commonly used device and try to adjust the volume. If there is no issue with more common devices, it is a compatibility issue with a specific device.
    If you have any further concerns, please contact Nothing Customer Service.

  • Why do the earbuds adjust automatically without pressing?
    1. Try to press the correct corresponding area again.
    2. Place the earbuds into the charging case, close it, and open it. Then wear the earbuds to test again.
  • Why does the volume displayed on the phone not match with the pressing control?

    The delay on the phone volume display is caused by Bluetooth compatibility. Please refer to the earbuds' volume.

  • The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is not working.
    If Active Noise Cancellation is not working, try the following:
    1. Make sure that you have downloaded the Nothing X app and have paired your Ear (1) earbuds.
    2. Turn on the ANC from the app.
    3. Change the ANC mode to Maximum.
    4. Reset the device.
  • One or both my Ear (1) earbuds are not working.

    If audio is not playing from one or both earbuds, try the following:
    1. Try different apps to confirm if the problem is with the specific app on your chosen device.
    2. Ensure that your device media volume is not low or muted.
    3. Disconnect and reconnect the earbuds via Bluetooth.
    4. Reset the earbuds.